Why Your Business Is Losing Money If You’re Not Cleaning Your Parking Lot

Keeping a business profitable, let alone afloat, has never been more challenging. The pandemic was the final nail in the coffin for many businesses, small and large.

As more restrictions ease up and more businesses can open or allow in more customers, people are antsy to get out. That can mean great things for companies, as long as you’re ready to receive the influx of clients.

If you’re savvy, you’ve spent this past year making improvements so that your establishment is ready to welcome back these customers with open arms – or at least open doors.

Hopefully, among these tasks you’ve crossed off of your to-do list is commercial pressure washing, which should also include parking lot cleaning. If not, it’s still not too late to schedule it, but you’d better hurry, and here are some reasons why.


Pressure washing does wonders for your exterior. Since this is often how your prospective customers formulate their opinion of your company, it’s crucial to make a positive first impression. Unfortunately, where many entrepreneurs miss the mark is realizing that first impressions could be made as early as the parking lot. The real problem is there’s no way to calculate the business you lose that never even walks into your front doors because the exterior sends them running in the other direction.

However, the three primary benefits of parking lot cleaning should help motivate you to make a change!

  1. A clean lot deters littering
    People are more likely to litter if there’s already litter present; it’s sad but true. Reduce the existing filth and, in turn, cut down on the amount of future trash.
  2. Keep pests and rodents away
    Spilled soda, food crumbs, and even chewing gum create a scent that attracts critters looking to scavenge morsels. You can develop an ant, roach, or rat problem without knowing it, but it will be enough to keep the customers away. You can choose to attract pests or people but usually not both.
  3. Keep conditions safe and liability low
    The cleaner your lot is, the safer it is. Weeds can cause a slip-and-fall hazard, while slick oils can cause minor fender-benders. Regardless of what type of accident it is, if it happens in your lot, you could be held liable.

At Protech Pressure Wash, we’re eager to provide you with pressure washing to improve your business in Grosse Pointe, so call us today.

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