Should I Let A Professional Clean My Pool Deck?

Cleaning your pool deck with over the counter cleaning agents and water may seem like a simple task. However, you may find yourself spending hours scrubbing the surface without getting the results you want. Properly cleaning a pool deck requires more than a little water and bleach, so it’s not a chore for someone that’s inexperienced. Even renting a pressure washer won’t provide you with a sanitized pool deck if you aren’t sure how to use it. A professional pressure washing company can have your pool deck back to its original color by using soft washing methods. Soft washing is a safe way to remove sand, mud, grit, and chemicals that may be saturated on your pool deck. If left untreated, your pool deck can become slippery and dangerous.


Your pool deck needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt and mold build-up. While it’s true using a garden hose can help “flush out” grit, it isn’t as effective as soft washing. Also, if you aren’t experienced in caring for your pool deck you may use unsuitable cleaning materials and tools that could cause marks and unwanted scratches. The best way to ensure that your property is cleaned and restored to its original beauty is to hire a specialist who is knowledgeable about pool deck cleaning, patio cleaning, and concrete cleaning.

Contact a professional pressure washing company like Protech Pressure Wash to handle all of your pool deck cleaning needs. Like your pool, your pool deck should be sanitized and free of debris. Enjoy the benefits of a full-service pressure washing team and have your pool deck looking its best all year round.

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