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An attractive patio can add value to your home in Macomb County if it’s washed frequently by a professional patio cleaning service. When your patio looks outdated due to dirt and stains, call on or team for the best pressure washing in Macomb County! We can immediately improve the appearance of your patio by using industry pressure washing techniques that have been proven to get all types of exterior property clean. Our exceptional service will restore your patio to its original splendor and the exterior of your home will look fabulous.

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Many homeowners often neglect pool deck cleaning and patio cleaning because they feel the outside appearance of their home isn’t as important as the inside. At Protech Pressure Wash, we recommend that you have your patio professionally cleaned at least once a year to ensure proper maintenance. For years, pressure washing has been one of the most cost-efficient ways to remove stains and bacteria that shorten the life of your patio. We guarantee that after your patio has been pressure washed, it will look inviting and the outdoor beauty of your home will be enhanced.

If you’re tired of looking at a dingy patio, let the Protech Pressure Wash experts work with you and restore your patio to its original state. There isn’t a better patio cleaning service in Macomb County so give us a call for your free estimate today!


Has your deck been looking slippery and dirty lately? If that’s the case, you should hire the #1 cleaning company in Macomb County to have it cleaned and sterilized. We can rid your deck of algae and dirt build-up with a thorough pressure washing. Our unique deck cleaning service is long-lasting and frees your deck area from harmful contaminants so you can enjoy your deck with family and friends again!

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