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There isn’t a home or business owner in St. Clair Shores that doesn’t want their property to look its best. At Protech Pressure Wash, we work hard to offer every resident in St. Clair Shores premium pressure washing and soft washing services so they’ll have clean, sanitized property that will boost curb appeal. Whether you need roof cleaning, driveway cleaning, or building washing, our competent team can help. Call us at 586-580-7621 to find out more about our quality pressure washing cleaning solutions.


Pressure washing is a sure-fire way to remove caked-on dirt and debris from exterior surfaces that haven’t been properly maintained. If you’ve noticed discoloration or mildew growth on your deck, patio, or roof, you could benefit from a pressure washing appointment by the best in St. Clair Shores. We are experts when it comes to what techniques to use that will get your property back to its original appearance. Work with the dedicated and customer-oriented team at Protech Pressure Wash for top cleaning solutions that can’t be beat!


When a roof isn’t regularly maintained, it can suffer from streaks and marks caused by built-up mold, algae, and dirt. Algae and mold are harmful contaminants that eat away at a roof’s surface, causing the need for repair or, in worse scenarios, roof replacement. Our team offers experienced soft wash roof cleaning for business and residential owners in the St. Clair Shores area. Reach out today for a free estimate on the soft washing options we provide today.

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