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Our team at Protech Pressure Wash guarantees to offer professional pressure washing services to homes located in the Richmond area. We assure you that our services will assist you with your property needs and match you with qualified professionals. We serve both commercial and residential property owners and offer services such as :

  •  Soft Washing
  •  Gutter Cleaning
  •  Driveway Cleaning
  •  Gutter Brightening
  •  Roof Cleaning

Hiring a team of experts to pressure wash your home will increase your home’s curb appeal and ensure that your property stays in shape for years to come. Schedule an appointment with a Protech Pressure Wash cleaning professional in Richmond today and receive a free estimate from one of our professionals.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning


One of the first things that customers may notice when they come to you for services is its exterior. An unkempt parking lot or roof can be damaging to your success as a business owner. It can also cause you to miss out on chances of attracting new customers.

Hiring a professional pressure washing service for building or parking lot cleaning will help increase the appeal and reputation of your company. You’ll also remain competitive against other businesses in Richmond. To find out more about how our pressure washing options can assist you and your business, call us today to talk to one of our experts.


Roofs can be costly and difficult to repair. That is why harmful build-up such as mildew and dirt should be dealt with by our pressure washing professionals. Soft washing is a safe option for homeowners who are concerned about the structure of their property. It offers a deep cleaning solution to residential properties without destroying the surfaces. Scheduling to have your roof cleaned yearly will allow you to keep your home free from harmful chemicals and pollutants . If it’s time to have your home in Richmond pressure washed, reach out for a free estimate on our roof cleaning services. Call us at 586-580-7621 today to get scheduled.

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