Blossom Heath Park

A family-friendly park for children in St Clair Shores, Michigan, is a great place to play. The Edsel and Eleanor Ford House sits on the shore of Lake St. Clair, approximately one-and-a-half miles south of Blossom Heath Park. You can also visit the pier, a historically significant building. It is located at 1100 Lake Shore Drive. A great post.

ADA compliant play area

The city of St. Clair Shores is planning to install an ADA compliant play area and bathrooms in the park. The new playscape will include equipment for toddlers as well as older kids. There is currently no such play area for the city’s toddlers. City Councilwoman Candace B. Rusie said the addition of a toddler play area would be a great improvement.

The ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines have strict requirements for play areas. These rules require that handrails have uninterrupted gripping surfaces along their length. Horizontal projections must be one and a half inches below the handrail’s gripping surface. These guidelines also require handrails to meet ADAAG 4.8.5. The play area at Blossom Heath Park St Clair Shores MI follows the guidelines.

Blossom Heath Park St Clair Upon Michigan’s guidelines, the play area at Blossom Heath Park has an ADA compliant structure. The guidelines require play components to be easily accessible, including accessible routes to them. A compliant play area must have clear ground space and accessible surfaces. The guidelines can help park managers create accessible play areas for their park. Browse around this site.

ADA compliant bathrooms

If you’re planning on visiting Blossom Heath Park St Clair Township, Michigan, you’ll want to make sure you know what to look for in an ADA-compliant restroom. The ADA-compliant bathroom requirements require a lowered toilet or a wider doorway. Fortunately, St Clair Township is putting together a plan to make its park more accessible. In addition to ADA-compliant bathrooms, Blossom Heath Park St Clair Shores MI has a number of other amenities.

The park’s pier will be renovated as well. It will be ADA-compliant, and the playscape will include equipment that’s appropriate for toddlers and older children. The park is currently without a toddler play area, and Councilwoman Candace B. Rusie said the new facility would be a welcome addition. The park will also have rain gardens and native plants.

Renovation of pier

The city of Jacksonville, Michigan, has announced plans to renovate the pier at Blossom Heath Park in St Clair Shores. The city hopes to create a destination for transient boaters with the $7 million plan. It plans to add a concrete pad for food trucks, an upper deck with seating and a volleyball court. The pier at Blossom Heath Park will also be extended by 300 feet, according to Widgren. Once completed, the pier will include pavers, plantings, and a boardwalk.

The pier is a popular destination for visitors to the city, but the current playscape has seen better days. It’s difficult to imagine children playing on the pier and getting wet, but the new structure will be safer for kids and provide a more attractive environment. To pay for the project, the city council has approved $250,000 from the city’s general fund balance. The money will be used to clean up the site of asbestos and mold. Continue reading about Country Club of Detroit.


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