About Protech Pressure Wash – Your Trusted Macomb County Pressure Washer

Protech Pressure Wash is a Veteran & Firefighter owned pressure washing and exterior cleaning service company. We have lived in Macomb county and been a part of this community for 36 years. Protech Pressure Wash is owned and operated by myself, and my lovely wife Amanda. Together we have 4 children and a french bull dog. Amanda is a Master Sgt with the United States Army, and I am a firefighter for the city of Detroit.

We have the knowledge and professional equipment to clean all of your home or business’s exterior surfaces. We use a soft wash method on delicate surfaces such as vinyl siding or asphalt roof tops, and high pressure power washing for tough exteriors such as concrete and brick. We specialize in removing organic stains such as mold and algae. Organic growth on the exterior of your home or business will eventually cause damage. We also have the knowledge and equipment to tackle non organic stains such as oil, rust, or graffiti which cause eye sore and lowers the value of your property. We can clean everything from the face of your whole house or business, your roof, gutters, windows, driveway, sidewalks, patios, fences and more.

Your home and/or business is quite possibly your largest investment. Keep its value high by calling professionals like us, to keep it clean.

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Pressure Washing

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